Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Firstly, I wanted to say sorry to you if I did wrong to you.I didn't even know why you were avoiding me.Although you wanted me to not texting you any more,I will always do that. that's because I really MISS YOU! . I felt really sad when I see you comment with my bro but not me.when I see your pretty face at my collection item, my eyes started to full fill with my sadness tears. i was hoping that you would come back to me and be my friends. :'( that's all i wanted it to be.. but i don't think you would do that right? hurmm lately i was dreaming bout we were dating and at that time we were so happy. when i woke up, i said hurm it was just a DREAM and not reality then i started to felt sad..i pray to god that you would be back like old time, i pray to god that if i cannot be with you,just let me dream bout you all the time when i go to sleep because that's the only way that i could meet you.. this song i dedicated to you and only you :) this pic is that i was wondering why your text wasn't in my phone again